Our Audience LOVED TEDxFaurotPark 2021!

TEDxFaurotPark 2021 Audience

The feedback from our audience has been amazing!

10/10 — This event was and is exactly what Lima needs right now: hardworking, intelligent, caring folks sharing good ideas with each other and the broader community audience to enact positive change.

10/10 — Was well organized and produced. Diversity of presenters and ideas. Each speaker was articulate and offered succinct thoughts and ideas. Each presentation wove into the theme, community.

10/10 — Very happy with the whole experience. The speakers and content were great. Thank you

10/10 — The speakers were informative, thought provoking, entertaining.

10/10 — What a wonderful first event! Interesting talks/speakers and great atmosphere. Loved the “swag bags” and refreshments, too!

10/10 — Great team. Supportive and friendly. All positive and helpful.

10/10 — Interesting, insightful and relevant topics

10/10 — Interesting speakers, nice stage setup and enjoyed the extras – coffee, snacks and freebie bags.

10/10 — It was well organized and welcoming. Theme was solid.