Our 2022 Speakers

bringing ideas worth spreading to the greater Lima region
Seth Butler

Creating Unity by Dismantling Our Boxes of “Race”

Sadia Carone

Sadia Carone

Family Secrets — An Incest Survivor Speaks Out

Trevor Jenkins

Uncovering to Show Up as Our Full, Authentic Selves

Nina Meehan

Nina Meehan

Creative Play as the Antidote to Our Scarcity of Joy

Courtney Owens

It’s OK to not be OK

Uchenna Umeh, “Dr. Lulu”

Rethinking the Closet: Coming Out as LGBTQ* vs Inviting In

Michelle Weidenbenner

Michelle Weidenbenner

How to Connect with an Addicted Loved One with PEACE

Rev. Edie Weinstein, MSW, LSW

Overcoming the Taboo of Touch

Henry Yampolsky

The Dangers of Our Quest for Truth