Maha H Zehery

Diversity and Enlightening Fellow Americans About The Rest of the World
Maha Zehery

Maha H Zehery

Maha is originally from Alexandria, Egypt, and has been an American citizen for 38 years. Upon moving to the US, Maha lived in Durham North Carolina; she then later moved to Lima, Ohio 30 years ago, as her husband joined Ohio State University as a faculty member. Dr. Zehery -Maha’s husband- has a Ph.D. in Library and Information Sciences, and was a tenured Professor at Ohio State University, he passed away January 2020.

Maha has a multicultural personal and professional background; she has been working and excelling in the fields of marketing, communication, public relations, teaching and management since 1975. Maha’s father was an Admiral in charge of the Egyptian Navy -a popular and prominent man within the Egyptian Community. Maha’s Mom had a BA in languages.

Her extensive travel all over the globe has helped her to embrace cultural differences and acquire exceptional people skills. Maha’s thirst for knowledge was quenched with a Master’s degree in Adult Education from Ohio State University. (Maha also has a B.A. in Interior Design). She had intentionally taken time off to provide quality time in raising her 3 children, as she is a proud mom of 2 girls and 1 son: Reem, MD specialized in Child, adolescent and adult Psychiatry and practicing in Raleigh, North Carolina. Rana, Senior Global Creative Director, in NYC. Omar, owner and Operator of Legacy Sound and Rust Gaze Records, in Lima, OH.

Maha is often highlighted in the Local & International Media, she is an active community member in volunteering and public speaking. Also, nowadays and during the pandemic, she is teaching ESL (English as a second Language) via Zoom.