The first and only TEDx event in Lima, Ohio

Sharing ideas worth spreading

What is TED?

You might have heard of TED Talks. Maybe you’ve watched Brene Brown talk about shame and vulnerability or Simon Sinek talk about leadership or Ann Cuddy talk about how our posture can literally change our brain chemistry and make us more confident.

TED Talks aren’t titled after a person named TED. TED, T.E.D. stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. It began as a small conference 30 some years ago in Monterey California, and has grown into a global community with two large TED conferences each year, bringing in world-renowned speakers and researchers.

What are TED Talks?

The entire focus of TED is “Ideas Worth Spreading”. TED speakers bring new research to the stage. They bring new ideas to the stage. They bring new ways of thinking about common issues. The goal is to foster learning, inspiration, wonder, to provoke conversations that matter and to create connection and community.

TED Speakers have to adhere to four strict content guidelines. There is no corporate agenda. There is no political agenda. There is no religious agenda. And every speaker gets fact checked. There is no bad science on a TED stage.

This doesn’t mean speakers can’t talk about corporations or politics or religion. It simply means there is no agenda beyond spreading ideas. No one is “selling” from the stage. TED is completely independent.

TED also allows for locally organized TED type events. These events are called TEDx. TEDx events are licensed by TED and are fully planned and coordinated independently within the local community.

What is TEDxFaurotPark?

We had our first TEDxFaurotPark signature event on Saturday, October 9, 2021 at the Civic Center. It was a morning filled with eight amazing speakers and their brilliant ideas. TEDxFaurotPark is a unique gathering like nothing we’ve ever had before in Lima.

Every TEDxFaurotPark speaker has their talk uploaded to the TED.com channel. Our speakers present locally but they are accessible globally. TED and TEDx talks are watched online at a rate of over 1 million per day.

Having a TEDx license, having the TEDxFaurotPark event is a big deal for Lima. Beyond creating a space for amazing ideas and connection, it puts us in a class with much larger cities. Having our speakers on the TED.com channel puts Lima literally on a global stage.

Want to Get Involved? 

If you have questions, if you want to know more, if you’d like to get involved, please reach out to Aimee Bucher at TEDxFaurotPark@gmail.com or 419-234-6971.

“This event was and is exactly what Lima needs right now: hardworking, intelligent, caring folks sharing good ideas with each other and the broader community audience to enact positive change.”

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Speaker applications will open February 7, 2022

NOTE: All potential speakers will need to complete the application. 

March 28 — Last day speaker applications will be accepted
April 9 — Invitations for selected speakers to audition will be issued
April 18 – 30 — Speaker interviews (via Zoom)
May 9 — Final speakers and program announced


All speakers selected for the final program will work with volunteer coaches to help with talk development, stage presence, and graphic design, for any slides that are used.

Content Guidelines


TED and TEDx have non-negotiable guidelines regarding what cannot be shared from the stage. Please review the Content Guidelines before submitting your application. bit.ly/ted-guidelines

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