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LIMA — Many of us are familiar with the Ted Talks that you’ve seen on YouTube where it’s just one person on stage discussing a variety of topics from tips to success to the art of paying attention.

For the first time, a Ted Talks program came to Lima.

On Saturday, TEDxFaurotPark assembled a series of speakers at the Veterans Memorial Civic Center to discuss anything from Systemic Happiness for a Better World by Aimee Bucher to How Storytelling Shifts Perspective by Meg Adams.

Bucher was the license holder and executive producer for the event.

“It takes one person to apply for the license and put out the vision and get it all going and that was me,” Bucher said.

The eight speakers who did presentations Saturday were whittled down from 30 original applicants.

“The whole idea behind TED and TEDx is ideas worth spreading. So we chose people who had really interesting ideas, you know, different perspectives, different ways of looking at the world that weren’t heard before so it wasn’t necessarily people who were great public speakers, but it’s people with really cool ideas that we wanted to bring to the stage,” Bucher said.

Rae Neal, an integrative nurse practitioner from Lima, spoke about Common Sense Medicine in her Tedx session.

“It’s really about the fact that what’s killing us today is not what was killing us 100 years ago. I believe our focus needs to shift to manage the conditions that are actually causing us our problems today and I believe that we can do that by acknowledging a lot of our past and the ways they stayed healthy in the past could really help us to be more healthy today,” Neal said.

Meg Adams, a professor of communications at the University of Findlay, talked about How Storytelling Shifts Perspective.

“It’s something I’ve been studying for the past decade and it’s something that has really influenced my life and when I saw the TED call for ideas worth spreading I thought here’s an idea I’ve been sitting on for a while and really feel made a powerful impact in my own personal list and especially in the past 20 months with how divisive things have gotten. I’m hoping that my talk can help people sort of come together a little more,” Adams said.

Organizers are busy planning next year’s TEDx event which is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022, at the Veterans Memorial Civic Center.

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