A TED Talks spinoff TEDxFaurotPark coming to Lima this October

Aimee Bucher speaking at a press conference in May 2021

Ideas worth spreading to inspire and inform is the goal of a unique conference coming to Lima.

It’s called Tedx Faurot Park and it’s a spinoff of TED which stands for technology, entertainment, and design. It is a conference-based initiative that started in 1984 in California. What started nearly 40 years ago is still going strong with this newly licensed conference being held in October at the Veteran’s Memorial Convention and Civic Center.

Aimee Bucher, executive producer and TedxFaurotPark license holder explains, “Idea’s worth spreading. So, people bring new ideas to the stage. They bring new ways of thinking about old ideas to the stage, they bring new research to the stage. It’s very exciting and it’s all about communication and wonder and building excitement and community.

TEDxFaurotPark will be on October 9th. Tickets are limited to 100 and go on sale on August 2nd. Google TEDxFaurotPark for more information.

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